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The world renowned Galway “Blazers” whose history traces back to the 1700’s now offer special  packages to come and hunt for a week or long weekend or indeed a single day (which will only whet your appetite).   Come and join us in the legendary stone wall country and relive the wonderful stories regaled for many years of galloping hard and long evenings reliving the day. An opportunity to retract the steps of luminaries such as our former joint master the late John Huston who described his 10 years living in the beautiful St. Clerans House and hunting 3 days a week as “a wonderful time in my life”

Our season runs from mid October to early March hunting 3 days a week on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. The ‘Blazers’ hunt country covers  about 30 miles square of limestone pasture with dry stone walls, good light going. We do encounter some wire in our country due to the advent of modern farming methods but by enlarge the farmers who so kindly allow us to cross their land accommodate places where the walls are safely passable.  The walls vary in size and structure from the light single stone walls to the famous double walls which form the historical boundaries between parishes and estates of old. The estates may now be largely gone but the double walls have stood the test of time. Our country offers an enjoyable challenge for both the experienced and novice rider, for the experienced there is the challenge of fly jumping walls at the gallop and for the novice, if discretion is exercised a gap will always appear in even the best built wall!!!

We can offer you the opportunity to book 3 days hunting with us and we can steer you in the right direction to easily book you hire of horse by calling the numbers below.

Subscription Cost

The cost to you for the “Cap” for the 3 days consecutive hunting will be €400 [being €150 first day, €130 second day and €120 for the third and any subsequent days on that trip]

As part of the experience of immersing yourself in the history of the “Blazers” and in getting to understand the intricacies of fox-hunting a visit to our kennels will be arranged for a walk through and meeting with our huntsman Thomas Dempsey.



Hireling Cost

You will need to contact one of our local hireling companies as set out below to book directly with them, both of whom are steeped in knowledge and the tradition of the Blazers just contact either Willie or Johnny to get full details.

In addition they can arrange if required a schooling session over a sample of walls with your hireling provider to include tuition on how best to approach our country and the etiquette for hunting with the Blazers. 

Contact Willie Leahy, Dartfield Horse Museum, Loughrea, County Galway 0035391843968 or
Johnny Geoghegan, Lisnagranchy Stud, Craughwell, County Galway 00353868659807


Additional Activities

In addition you can hunt with neighbouring packs on Sunday and Wednesday if your schedule allows.

If you have an interest in shooting this is available at Lough Cutra Castle during the season for driven shooting go to for details

In addition a cross country courses is available at Dartfield Horse Museum within a 30 minute drive

We would suggest car hire as the easiest way to travel on your stay but if you require a chauffeur driven car we can arrange to get you details for same.


There is a variety of accommodation whom you can book with in our country and who will be aware of your hunting needs. We would suggest a number of places as set out below however the list is far from exhaustive as Galway is full of hotels who will be delighted to see you.

(i) Craig House Hotel join our Huntsman and his wife Mairead at their wonderful country house for details see

(ii)Dunkellin House - an entire house to rent in the heart of the Co. Galway hunt country. Perfect for private hunting parties and people wanting to have the use of a home from home. The owners of the property are steeped within the history of the Galway Blazers and the house lends to many stories and pictures on offer to read about. -

(iii)Raheen Woods Hotel situate in the heart of our hunting country with great access to the motorway and trains with a state of the art gym

(iv)Oranmore Lodge Hotel situate in oranmore which is close to both hunting country and Galway city.

(v)Loughrea Spa and Hotel situate at the eastern side of our country and well acquainted with the needs of the Hunting enthusiast  

(vi)Lady Gregory Hotel situate at the southern side of our country and the closest to Shannon airport they are well acquainted with the needs of the Hunting enthusiast. We are holding our hunt ball here in February of this year

(vii) if you want to see the lights of Galway city and spend your evening entertained in the cultural capital of Galway then why not try the chic 4 star House Hotel  or the Connacht Hotel (formerly Carlton Hotel) at



Getting here

By air

Ireland is on the network of major international airlines, so that there are regular connections from most parts of the world. The principal airports are at Dublin (on the east coast) and Shannon (on the west coast, approximately 130 km from Galway), and there is another, smaller airport called Ireland West, located at Knock, some 70 km north of Galway.
You will be able to reach Galway replica watches easily from any of these airports by hire car or using public transport

By ferry

from Holyhead to Dublin

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