County Galway Hunt Point to Point

16th October Loughrea


16th October 2016 Dartfield



Galway Blazers





Welcome to the website of the County Galway Hunt ‘The Blazers’.  The hunt dates from the beginning of the 19th century and has established itself as one of the famous Irish Hunts due to the goodwill and generosity of farmers and landowners throughout the county.

Hunting takes place throughout the autumn and winter months  on Tuesdays, Thursdays  and Saturdays.  The ‘Blazers’ hunt country covers  About 30 miles square of limestone pasture with dry stone walls, good light going. We welcome some visitors each day, but as numbers are limited we ask you to book in with our Hon.Secretary Stephanie McDonagh who can also provide phone numbers of hireling stables, we do not allow visiting horses. Tel:Ire 087-9355818 or 091-846387 or e-mail :

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